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About Us

At DVM Pharma, we are a leading provider of veterinary pharmaceuticals and health products, dedicated to promoting the well-being of livestock and companion animals in Pakistan. With a rich history of success and expertise spanning several decades, our commitment to defined goals, technological advancements, quality research, and marketing excellence sets us apart.

We prioritize environmental harmony, surpassing legal obligations to ensure that our products align with the latest safety requirements and regulations. Our strong partnerships with foreign and local manufacturers, along with our well-equipped R&D division, enable us to consistently deliver high-quality solutions. As we expand our reach and strive for market leadership, our core values of quality, partnership, client satisfaction, and customer care continue to drive us forward. We are united by our knowledge, expertise, experience, and intelligent marketing strategies, all aimed at maximizing animal health and well-being through intelligent nutrition.

Our Service

DVM Pharma provides comprehensive health solutions for the Pakistani poultry industry. With an extensive distribution network and proactive marketing team, we ensure efficient delivery. Our focus on pharmacovigilance, complaint handling, and industry education drives our commitment to consumer awareness and market adaptation. We actively participate in industry events and collaborate with the Pakistan Poultry Association for industry development.

Who We Are

Diversified Veterinary Marketing (DVM) is the merger of trading and the public relation firms under one umbrella working for the better health of livestock and companion animals.

What We Do

We provide veterinary health solution for the poultry industry in Pakistan. We cover all the area of the country through the vast network of distributors and marketing team.

DVM Pharma's products have transformed my livestock's health. Quality and reliability at its best!

Ali Khan

Trusting DVM Pharma for my pets was the best decision. Their solutions have improved their well-being.

Sana Ahmed

DVM Pharma's sustainable approach and top-notch products have elevated our livestock's health standards.

Ahsan Malik

DVM Pharma's innovative veterinary care has made a noticeable difference in our animals' health and vitality.

Farah Siddiqui

Dependable support from DVM Pharma has resulted in thriving livestock and happy pets. Exceptional quality!

Ahmed Hassan

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