Today, Dr. Syed Ali Raza Haider along with the team consisting of Mr. Adnan Butt, Mr. Gull Zaib,  for IPEX 2016 hall and exhibition have visited and monitored the progress of the stalls and working of the fabricators after the 18th September meeting at Poultry House, Lahore.

The Convener was overall satisfied with the speed of work at Expo Centre Lahore of the fabricators keeping the dead line in mind of 21st September. Dr. Mazhar Yasin and Dr. Umar Malik also visited the Expo centre and seems very satisfied too. The work is going at very good pace and very standards are expected to be achieved in time before IPEX 2016 to get ready for the mega event of poultry.

IPEX 2016 is all about the farmers, Feed Millers, Breeders and Day Old Chicks and pharmaceutical companies all at one place interacting with each other. Every one discuss the issues and the problem that they face in the field and get their answer from the very skilled and professional scientists and practitioner all together at one platform.