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Quality Care by DVM Pharma for Animal Health

DVM Pharma is the merger of trading and the public relation firms under one umbrella working for the better health of livestock and companion animals by providing them quality veterinary pharmaceuticals and health products in Pakistan.

Our success for last few decades lies with our constant struggle, defined goals and other factors like engineering and progress in the grassland of technology, research, quality, marketing & big sales network. Marketing good quality products is our strength that let us stand tall, that establish a clear link between us and our Clients. Our success lies in providing animal health solutions in any form without harming Mother Nature.


DVM Pharma confirms that the entire goods should always be in harmony with the environment as per most modern safety requirement regarding technology, environmental regulations and dermatology and in that we never left any card unturned as we feel that responsibility to take all the regulations on board and in doing so sometimes we surpass the legal obligations.

DVM Pharma expertise totally depends on building a strong co-operation with the foreign and local partner and their uppermost standards of manufacturing, handling, storage and quality control with well-equipped R&D division make certain our ever green connections with our Clients.

In mission to get the leading position in the market DVM Pharma is expanding its wings to different areas and sectors with firm belief on quality, Partnership, clients and Customer care to make the difference. The knowledge, expertise, experience and intelligent Marketing are the punch words.

The Commercial Organization

When you have a vision to become the market leader in animal health business that asks for the quest of brilliance through proficiency and hard work by putting all strengths at work and taking care of all company stake holders in particular and society at large.

To achieve the goals set by the company we have built up highly skilled professional team. A brief overview of the key company personnel and responsible are as under:

Other than these 07 key personnel we have a team of 31 people (19 in Marketing, 04 in Accounts, 07 in supply chain) that supports us in different departments in the company and everyone is highly qualified and competent in their respective field.

We are very much committed and enthusiastic about achieving SMART Sales target. With the knowledge, energy, and vision, we are sure that we can do wonders.

The Products we deal in are nutraceuticals, pharmaceuticals, and Biologicals.

DVM Pharma's Yearly Achievements

It all started in 2001 by our Dr. Waqar Azeem a techno entrepreneur who laid the foundation of the idea to put maximum veterinarians under one umbrella in the small town named Sialkot.

The Main Activities of the firm were to provide Poultry farmer with feed, chicks, Vaccines, Medication and most importantly technical services and performed the role in capacity building. Further it also dealt with Veterinary surgical instruments and farm accessories.

After consecutive 04 years of working, the company shifted its focus in 2005 primarily on Veterinary Health Care products and services, for this purpose a new company was emerged as DVM Pharma by putting and gathering more Veterinarians together and establishing the office in the 02nd largest city of Pakistan, Lahore.

The Main Activities was on importing products from France, Spain & Korea. Further the company extended its activity nationwide covering all the major towns and cities.

As time passed and we not only established but also the roots of the company were extended and outsource local manufactured antibiotics and animal health care products from local manufacturers through Toll Manufacturing Agreement are added in the range of the products and established group strong footing in that market as well.

As the continuous struggle continues in 2009 the company started its activity in the field of biologicals through a local agreement with the importer of Ceva Sante Animale

2011 was the year that let the company to put itself again through the local agreement with the importer to launch Boehringer-Ingelheim Vaccines

2013 the group took over another Animal Health care Company Shine Pharmaceuticals with all its diversified range of products having history of working with Poultry, Livestock and pets Health Care.

In the start of the year 2014, company decided to start its own production of the veterinary pharmaceuticals both for poultry and livestock.

For this purpose 14 Kanal land is being acquired in district Nankana and the application for the site inspection was initiated. In December 2014 shine pharmaceuticals has got its land approved for the manufacturing of the pharmaceutical unit.

Shine pharmaceuticals ( Subsidiary of DVM Pharma ) is really expecting to launch its products for the Pakistan and the international market for poultry and livestock by the year 2017.

In 2015 we M/S DVM Pharma signed another Sole Agent Agreement with the Spanish Company Ingesta S.L for its complete range of products to Pakistan.

Initially the following products from the vast range of the company are imported i.e A-Oxidin, Immuno IN, ADEK Oral Solution, HepatIN and AminovitaIN.

In 2016, M/S DVM Pharma signed agreement with the Spanish pet food giant Bib Pet Food and Elmubas Iberica S.L as a Sole Agent for Pakistan for their complete range of quality pet food products. The range of products include H.Q , Hundesport, Acti Croq, Future, First Level and NAF.

Elmubas Iberica S.L is the largest pet food manufacturer of Europe and have the maximum capacity to produce pet food products. Producing pet food for more than 30 years in 5 continents. It has completely integrated manufacturing facility starting from the researching, selection and finalisation of the raw material or ingredients to delivery after packing.

In 2017, M/s DVM Pharma with all the legacy of more than a decade of hard work and motivation signed more products with Prix Pharmaceutica, Products like Neo 720, Ceprix 300, Pri lincomac, Primox 50 and Pri en 20 for country wide sale and marketing through company’s verified sales and marketing network.

In 2017, M/s DVM Pharma with all the legacy of more than a decade of hard work and motivation signed more products with Prix Pharmaceutica, Products like Neo 720, Ceprix 300, Pri lincomac, Primox 50 and Pri en 20 for country wide sale and marketing through company’s verified sales and marketing network.

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Ali Khan

Trusting DVM Pharma for my pets was the best decision. Their solutions have improved their well-being.

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DVM Pharma's sustainable approach and top-notch products have elevated our livestock's health standards.

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DVM Pharma's innovative veterinary care has made a noticeable difference in our animals' health and vitality.

Farah Siddiqui

Dependable support from DVM Pharma has resulted in thriving livestock and happy pets. Exceptional quality!

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