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We provide health solutions for the poultry industry in Pakistan. We cover all the area of the country through a vast network of distributors and a marketing team that is always very vigilant and active in every part of the country and do their work not only efficiently but also very effectively.

We have the proper Pharmacovigilance over the drugs that we supply in the market and very proper complaint (if any) handling and after-sales services are given to the customers (Our Assets) on their doorsteps and the data collected thus referred to the head office from the area and the required tests are performed and proper feedback is given to the client as Every complaint is an opportunity. 

We are performing our best role in the capacity building for the industry by performing different workshops and actively participating in the Expo and other conferences in the region and educating prospective farmers about the poultry industry.

We at DVM Pharma have a special division that educates our team to kill the rumors about the poultry prevailing in the general public which eventually affects the utilization of the healthy, nutritious chicken meat. So, we take this responsibility as a team to aware the consumer about the benefits of white meat consumption. Consumer education also includes meeting with colleges, schools, and even well-known physicians to let them know the importance of chicken meat.

Market research is another never-ending process that keeps us updated with the competition and the market activities and the new products that are coming in and the one leaving the market. We do a lot of that to keep our range of products for our customers attractive, juicy, and on the mark to cure their very valuable asset. We according to the emerging trends in the never stabilizing Pakistan Poultry Industry develops our procedures to cope with the trends with the best possible solutions and in doing so we usually have the very preemptive knowledge of the upcoming trends and can mold our strategies accordingly.

We play a vital role in the only Poultry Association of Pakistan, (PPA) Pakistan Poultry Association and our directors are the member Central Executive Committee of the association. Being in such position requires a real motivation and an active role that we play in the overall development of the poultry industry of Pakistan. Pakistan Poultry Association plays a vital role in bridging the gap between the consumer and the producer of poultry meat and takes care of the overall internal harmony among the stakeholders of the industry.

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