08th September, 2016, 22nd poultry club meeting was organised by the club whish was hosted by Prof. Dr. Athar Mahmud, Chairman Poultry Production Department, UVAS and attended by faculty members, students and farmers. Asst. Prof. Dr. Jibran, Asst. Prof. Dr. Shahid, Dr. Sohail Ahmad, Dr. Waqas and all PhD scholars were among the eminent participants.

On thee occasion our Director Dr. Syed Ali Raza Haider had delivered a technical lecture as a chief speaker at the event on the topic “Reduction in Bacterial Resistance Through Feed additives in Poultry”, the problem that he said soon going to be a nightmare for the poultry production industry.

He talked about the use of the antibiotic growth promoter in feed and there use, benefits and risks involved for the generation to come as the international and national debates are already being done on this topic.

By the end of the lecture he also has given his recommendations about how the use of AGP is reduced by proper management, biosecurity, nutrition and novel feed ingredients that if not better atleast equals the efficiency on Antibiotic growth promoter.

End of the day he thanked all the participant especially Dr. Muhammad Ilyas, National Sales Manager, Alltech Pakistan for his co-ordination and hosting. He also thanked Prof. Dr. Athar Mahmud for organsing the meeting and given Dr. Haider a chance to deliver his findings from field to the participants.