Liver being the power house of every organism especially in poultry with great and efficient growth rate. So, in keeping the power house efficient enough and refreshed means healthy birds and efficient food conversion. The commercially grown poultry birds process within their body the large amount of feed and thus the Liver becomes more important in playing a very crucial and vital role. The hepatic stimulant Vital Liver + helps in keeping the liver in perfectly good condition thus ensuring the best health of the birds.

In poultry farming nowadays as the prices of the feed ingredients are on the rise the margins for the poultry farmers are getting negligible the way to ensure the living for the farmer is in the active utilization of feed thus enhancing the productivity of the birds. The Liver being the most vital organ of the poultry birds, is believed to be the lifeline of the birds body systems. Liver is the organ that is responsible and has a vital role in the digestion, metabolism and utilization of feed ingredients in an efficient way.


Liver – Important Functions:

The liver of the poultry consists of two lobes – right and left. It is the busiest of all the organs of the birds body. It carries number of metabolic, digestive and excretory activities, every activity has a crucial role in the health and productivity in poultry. The main functions of liver are

  • Detoxification
  • Protein Metabolism
  • Fat Metabolism
  • Carbohydrate Metabolism
  • Vitamin Metabolism
  • Iron Metabolism
  • Erythropoiesis

Now, we will see how Vital Liver + improves, support and enhance the liver function of the poultry in complete life cycle of the birds, with ingredients like Sorbitol, Choline Chloride, Carnitine, Betaine, Methionine Acetyl, Magnesium Sulfate, Vitamin PP, Inositol, Glucosamine, caduus marianus plant extracts (Boldo, Artichoke).

Sorbitol – basically stimulates the secretions of pancreatic enzymes and has a vital detoxifying effect on the liver by enhancing the secretions of the bile salts – choleretic & cholagogue effect.

Choline Chloride – prevention of perosis and liver enlargement in chicks, helps in utilization and outward movement of fat from the liver and prevent from condition known as fatty liver. It has a very important role as the precursor for the acetyl choline synthesis, the transmission agent for the impulses that runs by sympathetic nervous system.

Carnitine – In poultry production, L-carnitine has a multi functional purpose, which includes: growth promotion, strengthening the immune system and antioxidant effects. All of these functions mainly depends on its ability to transport long-chain fatty acids into the matrix compartment of mitochondria from cytoplasm for subsequent oxidation by the fatty acid oxidase complex for energy production. The oxidation of long-chain fatty acids in animal tissues is dependent on carnitine because it allows long-chain acyl-CoA esters to cross the mitochondrial membrane, which is otherwise impermeable to CoA compounds. Thus is the basic hepatic function promoter.

Betaine –  improves production performance, replaces other methyl group donors such as choline and methionine, assists birds during heat stress and improves slaughter characteristics. As an osmolyte, betaine increases intracellular water retention and, therefore, protects intracellular enzymes against osmotic-induced inactivation. As a methyl donor, betaine participates in the methionine cycle (mainly in the liver) and can be further used in transmethylation reactions for synthesis of essential substances like carnitine and creatine (Kidd et al., 1997).

Methionine Acetyl – Plays a vital role in the heat stress prevention, overcome growth depression, improves immune system, Protein synthesis, methyl donor and as metabolic pathway in the indigenous production of carnitine in liver and kidney.

Magnesium Sulfate –  plays a vital role as the stole softner by increasing the water level in the intestine. It is the very important ingredient of the Vital Liver + .

Vitamin PP – The major function of niacin (Vitamin PP) is in the coenzyme forms of nicotinamide, NAD and NADP. Enzymes containing NAD and NADP are important links in a series of reactions associated with carbohydrate, protein and lipid metabolism. They are especially important in the metabolic reactions that furnish energy to the animal.

Inositol – also part of the B vitamin complex, is closely associated with choline. Like choline, inositol (as phosphatidylinositol) is also found in lecithin, though in lesser amounts than choline, and acts as a lipotropic agent (milder than choline) in the body, helping to emulsify fats in liver. The body can produce its own inositol from glucose, so it is not really essential. Poultry birds have high stores of inositol; its concentration in the body is second highest of the B vitamins, surpassed only by niacin.

Glucosamine – being the active component of the Vital Liver + keep a track of the joint health and saves from a condition known as the osteoarthritis.

Caduus Marianus – its a very important homeopathic ingredient that is mainly targeted to Liver inflammation, soreness and jaundice. Thus this not only improves the liver function but also acts as therapy.

So, Vital Liver + is the complete all in one solution for the effective poultry farming.