VitalLiver-PlusVital Liver + – Improved quality by Vital Concepts ….

Dear Dr Waqar,

In our program of continuous quality improvement, we settled new manufacture processes. VITAL LIVER+ this time has been manufactured with a new equipment, allowing us a perfect mixture, without heating the product.

Cold manufacturing is the best way to guarantee the safety and quality of ingredients, their stability and the final product stability and quality. However, this change in process can influence the final appearance of the solution. In the case of VITAL LIVER+, we obtain a white solution, whereas the product was brown previously. This brown color was due to the heating of the product.

Be sure the product quality is maintained, and even improved in terms of ingredients guarantee. From now, thus, and as far as you agree, we will maintain this process in use, and VITAL LIVER+ will be a white solution.

Thanks for your understanding.


Vital Concepts