DVM Pharma feeling the responsibility in this stage of the year and decided to launch more products in the best interest of the poultry industry of Pakistan. Keeping in mind the poultry health in this part of the year where the weather plays an important role due to the fluctuation in the outside temperature and the weather i7118733271_86c17bf288_znstability, sometimes its too cold and spontaneously gets hot with in the difference of few hours. So, conditions like this puts stress on the bird ultimately leads to the stressed out diseased condition with compromised growth plateau, that eventually leads to less profits.

So, in this weather we at DVM Pharma are introducing our new nipple friendly product for poultry containing the proven antioxidant (Ascorbic Acid) to keep the poultry commercial birds in their best shape to fight such conditions by keeping up their health.


A-Oxidin is the product that contains Ascorbic Acid 20% and is available in the form of liquid solution that do not cause drinking nipple choking and eventually reduce the risk of nipple blocking.

As we know that the ascorbic acid is usually produced in the bird body from carbohydrate precursors such as glucose and galactose. but in the stressed out conditions birds are not able to synthesize the required amount of vitamin C and thus require supplementation to support the overall process of the body to keep it free from highly reactive oxygen as an anti-oxidant.

Ascorbic Acid:

Ascorbic acid has been known to have a major role in many of biochemical processes. Function is related to its amazing reversible oxidation and reduction characteristics. However, the exact mechanism of function of this vitamin in the living system is still not completely understood, since a coenzyme form has not yet been known. Moreover, the relationship of ascorbic acid to hydroxylase enzymes, Franceschi (1992) reported that vitamin C is much needed for differentiation of connective tissue such as muscle, cartilage and bone derived from mesenchyme (embryonic cells capable of developing into connective tissue), thus proving its role in the breeder flocks.

the main functions of vitamin C are

  • In weather or temperature stressed out conditions it relieves stress and let body to stability.
  • Is one of the best known anti-oxidant with known mechanism of action.
  • Plays an important role in reactions involving electron transfer in the cell.
  • Role in the metabolic oxidation of certain amino acids, including tyrosine.
  • very imporatant for metal ion metabolism due to its reducing and chelating properties which results not only in improved and notably enhanced absorption of minerals from the diet but also their mobilization and distribution throughout the body. Olivares et al., observed that it promotes non-heme iron absorption from the food.
  • Liver a very crucial organ of the body whose working is mainly dependant on the carnitine which is synthesized with in the body from lysine and methionine and is much dependent on two hydroxylases, both of these contain ferrous iron and L-ascorbic acid. Ha et al., stated that the Vitamin C deficiency can reduce carnitine formation, can result in accumulation of triglycerides in blood and the physical fatigue (Ha et al., 1994). Johnston, 2006 observed that skeletal and heart muscle carnitine concentrations are reduced by 50% in vitamin C-deficient animals compared with controls (98% of total body carnitine is in muscle).
  • reduces adrenal glucocorticoid formation, helping to maintain immunocompetence as during stress their levels are elevated in the blood.
  • has a biological role in keratinocytes as skin must provide the first line of defense against environmental free radical attack (e.g., sunburn, skin aging and skin cancer), it has developed a complex antioxidant network that includes enzymatic and non-enzymatic components.
  • inseveral ways with the inter ralations with Vitamin E, Selenium and Beta carotene plays very important role in the immunity boosting and maintaining the immunity status of the body normally and especially in any type of stressed conditions.

So, A- Oxidin is the best remedy in the environmental conditions prevailing nowadays with so much of unpredictability in temperatures.